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This weeks feature:  Cruising

Tips For an Enjoyable Cruise Experience

1.  Manage your expectations.  It's a fact.  Unless you spend a lot of money the cabins will be small.  Think  
     of it like Vegas, you'll spend hardly any time in the room except to sleep.

2.  Go to bed early the night before going ashore and make sure you're not hung over.  Make the most of
     your day at your destination because a day (usually about 7a.m. to 5 p.m.) is all you will get at each

3.  Be careful about onshore excursions.  Lots of people get hurt booking excursions with less than
     reputable companies in countries where safety standards are not that great.  Ask the cruise ship
     concierge about any safety concerns you may have and book with companies approved by the cruise

4.  Book reservations early for exclusive restaurants onboard.  The all you can eat buffets are great for
     breakfast but you'll want a treat at least one night with a lavish dinner.

5.  Participate in ship activities such as art auctions.  Even if you don't buy any art you'll get free
     champagne and will have a blast looking at the beautful works, and maybe even placing a bid to see if
     you can get an affordable deal.  Decide what you want, decide on a price you can pay, bid, and HAVE

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